Our Story

How It all Started

In healthcare (and academia in general!), software created in the lab doesn’t often make it to the clinic. Not necessarily because the product does not perform as expected, but that the software fails to address the actual needs in the field. Working at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Natasha was keenly aware of this, while simultaneously learning of significant gaps in the pediatric diagnostic space.
In 2016, an opportunity to further understand these disparities in radiology came along, in the form of the National Science Foundation I-Corps program. Over the next 6 months, Natasha, along with her then PhD student Niharika, traveled around the world and spoke to over 350 radiologists, clinicians and other medical imaging professionals.
Through these discussions, they uncovered the actual pain points and unmet needs of the radiology market, published a paper on it, and went back to the lab to build the solution.
This was the basis for VH’s flagship product, Clickbrain. To remove the ambiguity of pediatric diagnostics, increase the amount of applications in any MR setting, and dramatically improve patient outcomes – Clickbrain would change the landscape of imaging diagnostics, first in MR, first in children, and then for the entire patient population across modalities.
As the product roadmap developed, there was an obvious application for Clickbrain in radiation therapy – use the same capability to vastly improve therapy planning, and turn days of radiation mapping into minutes. ClickbrainRT was the result.

Our Team

Jaime Stern – CEO

Jaime is guiding our team based on his wide range of Healthcare and Startup experiences, and using what he has learned from the highs and lows of both.

His leadership comes from a myriad of roles in Education, Mobile Technology, Anticounterfeiting, MicroFinance, among others, and is passionate about customer service and operational efficiency, with the overarching goal of positively impacting the lives of others.

An avid traveler, Jaime has been to over 85 countries, and while delicately balancing family and work, aims to end each day looking at the ocean.

Natasha Lepore, PhD – CTO

 I am one of the inventors of ClickBrain and co-founder of Voxel Healthcare LLC, and Associate Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and USC doing research in brain imaging.

Natasha’s favorite hobby is martial arts that she trains for every week.


Justin Low, MD – Head of Medical Development

Justin’s background is in clinical medicine with a specialization in radiation oncology. He has been conducting research at CHLA for the improvement of clinical outcomes since January 2018. Along with this he has developed novel solutions to problems in the radiation oncology clinic which range from technical issues to patient care.

Justin is an avid baker and foodie where he creates something new every month while trying out new restaurants as well.

Jason Ressler – Director of Business Development

Jason serves as a strategic advisor for a variety of businesses including HealthTech companies Engauge & epiqar. Jason also serves as a strategic advisor to High10 Media where is involved in client strategies from fields as diverse as major media, HealthTech, legal, financial, and book launches.

In the past has been an advisor to a variety of NGOs and served as an Infantryman in the US Marine Corps Reserves.


Wenchao Cao, PhD – Head of Software Development

Wenchao is the head of software of Voxel Healthcare LLC, and a Research Fellow at Mayo Clinic. Wenchao develops deep learning algorithms and has been focusing on integrating medical imaging physics in its development.

Wenchao likes swimming and traveling.